Watch Dreamcrusher’s Disorienting “Fear (And No Feeling)” Video

It emulates the euphoric intensity of seeing them live.

October 29, 2015

Dreamcrusher is the alias of Brooklyn-based, Kansas-bred noise artist Luwayne Glass, though if you hang around New York's always-changing circuit of DIY venues you probably already know that.


According to a T-shirt that comes when you order Glass's new five-song cassette, Dreamcrusher crafts "Nihilist Queer Revolt Musik," a label that makes sense when listening to "Fear (And No Feeling)," the release's abrasive opening track. The song—a dissociative union of machine-made beats, quavering vocals, and feedback that sounds like crude knives scraping metal—first turned up as an instrumental demo in 2011. Glass, who's non-binary, only recently worked up the courage to sing the words. "The lyrics are about occupying a non-mainstream body and broader-society's lack of empathy for anything they can't immediately relate to," Glass told The FADER over email. "It's about using fear and anger as a creative energy in order to survive day-to-day."

Today, we're premiering the song's official video. Directed by Videopunks, the single-take clip is a dizzying collage of light squiggles and digital shadows. "We tried to replicate the first person perspective of one of Dreamcrusher's shows," Videopunks told FADER over email. "There's a kinetic energy, a danger, and a certain amount of unpredictability that I miss when seeing other 'electronic' musicians. It's a little bit like trying to catch lightning in a bottle." Hackers All of Them Hackers, streaming below, is out tomorrow on Fire Talk.

Stream the Hackers All of Them Hackers EP:
Watch Dreamcrusher’s Disorienting “Fear (And No Feeling)” Video