Rick Ross Remixes Yo Gotti’s “Down In The DMs”

Even more music from the MMG head.

November 01, 2015

Used to be you had to wait longer than a few days to hear a new Rick Ross tune. But one look at the MMG bawse's recent prolific output - he's remixed everyone from Adele to Future - confirms that times are changing. Similarly, his remix of Yo Gotti's "Down In The DMs" is a 21st century love story.

Ross relies on social media parlance to tell his story of seduction, which is especially interesting when you think that actual families could be started this way. "Daddy, how did you meet Mommy?" "Well son, she had a fire Instagram page, I'm talking 30k followers, no bots. For some reason she had open DMs so I deleted all my thirst traps and sent her a meme of Pepe The Frog. That was forty years ago."

Rick Ross Remixes Yo Gotti’s “Down In The DMs”