Rustie Unveils Two New Tracks


November 04, 2015

Rustie's last album, Green Language, appeared in August of 2014. Since then he's been sporadically sharing fresh material like "Big Catzz" and his remix of A. G. Cook's "Beautiful."

This week Rustie released two new tracks. "Peace Upzzz" squirms and wriggles towards brief passages of head-banging catharsis. You'll find more release in "First Mythz:" here the producer unleashes a barrage of shiny tones, and the drums detonate in precise, resonant formations.


On Twitter, Rustie suggested that these songs were part of a larger project: "#EVENIFUDONTBELIEVE OUT TOMOROW." Listen below, and read Rustie's GEN F profile.

Rustie Unveils Two New Tracks