Fetty Wap Shares “Jimmy Choo”

“My favorite part of recording is making hooks.”

November 05, 2015

I have to remember , ppl wanna see you fall … nah not me Ima just keep hurtin these suckas feelings 💯😎💰 #ZooGodWap

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Fetty Wap uploaded an unheard track to his SoundCloud account this morning titled "Jimmy Choo." The chorus is airy and effective: Jimmy Choo's on her feet when she be walkin'. "My favorite part of recording is making hooks," the singer/MC explained on Twitter. "I be having a million sounds in my head i just put em together." Listen below.


Earlier this week, Fetty announced via Twitter that a new EP was on the way "real soon."

Fetty Wap Shares “Jimmy Choo”