Ricky Eat Acid Shares “Dear Lord”

Get your sad rave on.

November 07, 2015

Sam Ray's Ricky Eat Acid project exploded with Three Love Songs, a work of cobwebbed samples and keyboards that was "ambient" in the same way an emotionally complicated memory might be in our day to day lives. Since then Ray has broadened his scope considerably and let his love for horror movies and energetic dance music guide him to new and exciting territory.

His latest track "Dear Lord" splits the difference between his unique EDM and sampling that pulls on your heartstrings; the massive drops are driven by morose-yet-sugary melodies and braggy hip-hop vocals pitched to sound like the confessions of drunk lonely giants and pixies. Listen below as you revisit our Ricky Eat Acid profile here.

Ricky Eat Acid Shares “Dear Lord”