20 Remaining Questions From Watching R. Kelly’s Sauna Video On TMZ


November 10, 2015
Okay, watch this:
I have a few questions:

1. Why is R. Kelly fully clothed in a sauna?
2. Why is R. Kelly wearing all black and holding a towel on his lap?
3. Why does R. Kelly go to a "24 Hour Fitness?" In Las Vegas?
4. The story quickly mentions that R. Kelly at first denied that it’s him. Why, tho?
5. Who takes their cell phone into the sauna?
6. Who records someone singing in the sauna if they’re not 100% sure that it's R. Kelly?
7. Who sends that footage to TMZ?
8. Why not exploit this insane footage for likes on your Instagram?
9. Did R. Kelly drink the rest of his Gatorade after he knocked it over in the sauna?
10. Does R. Kelly care that his gym Gatorade might get warm in the sauna?
11. Does R. Kelly know that yellow Gatorade is a better than whatever bad flavor he was drinking?
12. Is it the heat and humidity or is R. Kelly’s voice really that smooth in the middle of a national tour?
13. Why didn’t R. Kelly sing “Happy People” in the sauna?
14. There’s at least one voice off-screen (“Wooooo"). How many other people were in this sauna?
15. At the end of the video, he says “turn that shit off.” What happened next?
16. Did R. Kelly ask him to keep the footage to himself?
17. How do you spend the rest of your time in the sauna with R. Kelly now that you are 100% sure it is R. Kelly?
18. Do you shake hands with R. Kelly when you’re leaving the sauna or do you respect his sweaty boundaries and nod gracefully?
19. What do you do if you’re leaving the sauna at the same time as R. Kelly and then you both go for the last remaining shower?
20. How do you say goodbye to R. Kelly at the gym?

20 Remaining Questions From Watching R. Kelly’s Sauna Video On TMZ