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Hood By Air Is Making Empir’'s First Official Merch

Cookie + HBA = Dreams do come true.

November 10, 2015

It's been long-established that Hood By Air's Shayne Oliver is a big fan of Cookie. A snippet of Empire dialogue—"I want to show you a faggot can run this company"—anchored and empowered the brand's show at the New York Stock Exchange in February, and at their Spring '16 presentation, snippets of newsprint with Cookie Lyons headlines stalked the runway. As Oliver tells Vogue.com, “Cookie’s a boss, doesn’t take shit, doesn’t comply with any sort of male rules... Cookie’s the first thing out here in a while that feels punk.” Now, that infatuation is being repaid in a major way, as Empire has tapped the brand to make the first run of the show's branded merch. Pieces include a newsprint-emblazoned turtleneck leotard, a pair of shorts, a pillow-embellished longsleeve, and a covetable pillow keychain. You can (and should) cop tomorrow at HBA.

Hood By Air Is Making Empir’'s First Official Merch