Watch Shia LaBeouf Watch All His Movies

His greatest challenge yet?

November 11, 2015

Shia LaBeouf is currently watching every movie he has ever made in reverse chronological order. To watch him doing so, you can join the live-stream here; or one better, if you're in N.Y.C., you can go join him at the Angelika Film Center for free (you may have to queue).

The project is called #ALLMYMOVIES, and is the latest in a series of collaborations between LaBeouf, Finnish artist Nastja Säde Rönkkö, and British artist Luke Turner. These include his now infamous #IAMSORRY performance, in which members of the public got to come individually face-to-face with LaBeouf as he sat silently wearing a paper bag emblazoned with the message "I AM NOT FAMOUS ANY MORE," and this year's collaboration with Central St Martins students that resulted in a motivational meme.


Each of LaBeouf, Rönkkö, and Turner's projects has in some way explored the idea of public and private self—for celebrities, for actors, and for everyone living in the digital age. As LaBeouf told me in an interview for Dazed last year: "There is a huge push from the internet to find the true self, the one-self, and it becomes harder and harder to distinguish between our private and professional selves. This is true for everyone, not just celebrities. I think it’s okay to say ‘I am not who I am,’ both as a celebrity and as a person raised on web 2.0. I think it’s honest to say that. There’s beauty in people who reinvent themselves. Actors live a thousand lives, as do hackers... The personality can play around forever. Peter Pan shit."

Thinking of this, it's impossible not to wonder what's going through LaBeouf's mind as he watches himself morph into a plethora of characters, while also ageing in reverse.


See his viewing schedule below.

November 11th

4 AM Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps
6:10 AM Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen
8:40 AM Eagle Eye
10:40 AM New York, I Love You
12:20 PM Indiana Jones: Kingdom of the Crystal Skull
2:20 PM Transformers
4:50 PM Surf's Up
6:20 PM Disturbia
8:05 PM Bobby
10:05 PM A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints
11:45 PM The Greatest Game Ever Played

November 12th

1:45 AM Constantine
3:45 AM I, Robot
5:45 AM Battle of Shaker Heights
7.05 AM Charlie's Angels Full Throttle
8.50AM Dumb and Dumberer - When Harry Met Lloyd
10.20 AM Even Stevens Movie
11:50 AM Holes
1:50 PM Monkey Business
3:20 PM The Christmas Path
4:55 PM Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind
6:53 PM END

Watch Shia LaBeouf Watch All His Movies