The FADER Weekend Reading List

6 articles we’re down with this week, from sensory depravation tanks to #AllMyMovies.

November 13, 2015
An Apology To Shia LaBeouf

Rhett Jones, Hopes&Fears (11/12)

Back when Shia LaBeouf began creating his own performance art, writer Rhett Jones slammed the former child actor. Now, after experiencing the piece LaBeouf has been performing for the past few days, #AllMyMovies (in which he literally sits in a chair in Manhattan's Angelika Theater and watches every film he's ever acted in), Rhett decided he owes LaBeouf an apology. Big ups to Rhett for admitting he was wrong! (Up to you to decide whether he actually was, though, of course.)

Frankie Cosmos' Best Love Song Is Her Life

Colin Joyce, The FADER (11/10)


Greta Kline and Aaron Paine are poised on the verge of true indie rock success. Their bands—Frankie Cosmos and Porches., respectively—have been on the up and up this year with their sweet, charming, meaningful music. They're also a couple. Is releasing two breakthrough albums and touring the country a weird thing to go through as a couple, you ask? Read Colin Joyce's piece for the FADER (with accompanying delightful portraits by Landon Speers) to find out! :)

Floating Alone

Luke Stoddard Nathan, The Awl (11/15)


If you haven't heard about sensory depravation tanks, they're basically tanning beds filled with water. So when you get in one, you're floating in a bed of water in complete darkness. They're supposed to create a sense of calm, a sort of mediative state in order to rid your body and mind of stress. Many people have lauded their effects, but it turns out there's a dark history to them, involving not only depression but near-death. I think the moral of the story here is to definitely not take ketamine and get in a sensory depravation tank, but read Nathan's story for The Awl to decide for yourself.

Living and Dying on Airbnb

Zak Stone, Medium (11/8)


There is some dark stuff going on with Airbnb these days. Airbnb is convenient, and way cheaper than renting a hotel room, but there are issues with safety, and especially with liability for lack of safety within rented spaces. The issues that are publicized are typically about renters refusing to leave, but it goes the other way around as well. Airbnb is largely unregulated, and that creates problems. Read Stone's sad piece over at Medium.

What It's Really Like To Be Black On Campus

Sydney Gore, NYLON (11/13)


What's been happening on the campuses of University of Missouri and Yale University this week is nothing short of upsetting. Recent graduate of American University Sydney Gore tells her experience of being black on a college campus for NYLON, and it made me both extremely angry about the state of our country (especially since college campuses should be a place of learning, not of ignorance and hatred), but very happy that people like Gore are around to put a fire under everyone's asses.

Going Home With Oneohtrix Point Never

Patrick D. McDermott, The FADER (11/12)


Daniel Lopatin, who creates insanely complex and strange music under the name Oneohtrix Point Never, released his second album Garden Of Delete today. The album is about the pains of puberty, so Patrick D. McDermott traveled to Lopatin's hometown of Winthrop, MA to talk to him about it, and see where Lopatin experienced his own puberty.

The FADER Weekend Reading List