Stream Dzang’s Ethereal, Genre-Defiant Lotion LP

Glistening little tracks that come together like a revelation.

November 18, 2015


Last month, we premiered the first single off of Los Angeles-based artist Dzang's Lotion LP, "Ima Get Em Like." While the track's collaboration-heavy production is an accurate representation of Dzang's overall process, it won't prepare you for the sheer expanse of his second album. Songs veer from ambient musings to pop-inflected electronica, varying in style and in length. "Need Tongue" runs nearly eight minutes while the glistening closing track "Made It" clocks in at just 47 seconds. Lotion's cross-genre acrobatics aren't about flexing, but about crafting a sonic tapestry that keeps you guessing.

In an email to The FADER, Dzang explained how the album's shape-shifting vibe is a direct result of how he works. "My way of making Dzang records is pretty unpredictable: I bring a band together, ask them to play whatever they want, and edit/sample it all into discrete tracks," Dzang said. "I basically don’t know what the album is about or what the vibe will be until its done. I never could have 'written' Lotion by myself but playing openly with a great group of musicians generated it. For me, the record is about communication—between friends, bodies and lovers—and rhythmically reflects a comedown catharsis. I think its a sort of mixtape about waking up to yourself." Stream the album in its entirety exclusively on The FADER before it drops via his record label, Dzang Recs, on November 20.

Stream Dzang’s Ethereal, Genre-Defiant Lotion LP