How I Live: Junglepussy

The subversive MC dishes on Pepto-Bismol facials, Law and Order and chill, and lesson’ she's learned from her mom.

November 20, 2015


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Before she dropped her new project, Pregnant With Success, earlier this week, Brooklyn MC Junglepussy rolled through The FADER's offices with a tray full of fresh squeezed juice (a tangy blend of orange, pineapple, carrot, and ginger). While we sipped, we picked the subversive and uniquely stylish MC about how she has been living these last nine months. The secret to her glow might surprise you; scroll down to read on.


Gow is by Pepto-Bismol


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Junglepussy: "I actually use Pepto-Bismol on my face. There's a lot articles online about the benefits of Pepto-Bismol facials. I like to do it if I'm having a crazy breakout or something, [the Pepto-Bismol] will hush it down. Or sometimes I just like to have my face pink and crusty."

Law And Order and Chill


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"[When I have downtime, I like to] Law and Order and chill. But unfortunately, Netflix only has seasons 13 through16—that's rude! I have Amazon Prime, and you would think that's something special, but I typed in "Law and Order" and they told me $3 an episode. Not even $3 a season, but $3 an episode? You know I'm gonna wanna watch another episode after the first episode!"

She stays off social media for the good of her health


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"I try to not use too much social media and to write more. Anytime I get the urge to use social media I either get my journal, or if I'm really desperate, I do a voice note [on my phone]. It makes so much sense. After I do it, I'm like, 'Shit! I ain't have to tweet! Why do I have to share this with these people who don't even care about my mind?' It's so healthy."

Big feet deserve big boots


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"I love glasses and shoes. I love mostly boots, because I've always been a tall girl, so having boots is always sexy because my feet are so big. Like, I have big boots on so I can just stomp you on your ass.

"I wore glasses when I was younger, but when I was in high school I wore contacts. After that, I missed my glasses. I missed just rubbing my eye and just falling asleep with my glasses on, they're all twisted and shit. I missed that, so I just started buying glasses but glasses that were cuter. When you're younger, your parents are just like, "Get these Costco glasses!" Now, I probably have four or five prescription glasses and definitely 20-ish sunglasses. I'm just taking all the things I used to hate when I was younger, and I'm embellishing them."

Mom Is Her Hero

So special to share these moments with my mother...

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"I get everything from my mom! She always ate well, always dressed well, done well for herself. [I am who] I am is definitely because of my mother.

"Being a black woman and a single mother, she provided for my sister and I to the point where we realized, "We have a single mother, and it feels like we have a full family with more than one income." Growing up, she never made us feel like we were less than or that we had less. That was a great lesson. She always taught me that you have no choice but to want better for yourself. Other than that, you're just gonna life a horrible, miserable life, treat people terribly. She always told me that no matter how much it hurts, or how annoying it is—especially being a black woman, we have all odds against us—I have to embrace it and push forward.

"Even with all the madness that's been happening—she knows Pregnant With Success is coming out—she's like, "You're in labor, this is all your labor paying off." And I'm like, "Is this what it feels like? Because no." She's very supportive and very empowering."

She works out to maintain an Angela Basset body


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"My exercise and my yoga is very much my own. I do have the traditional poses—I'm not a rookie, I did yoga for some years—but I blend it into what feels good to me. Certain things I do, I feel like is right for my body. I don't have a personal trainer, so for now I have to do what's best for me. I'm not trying to be a wrestler, but I am trying to look like Angela Bassett when I'm 40."

How I Live: Junglepussy