Monica Recruits Missy Elliott For “Code Red”

Monica returns with a combative new single.

November 20, 2015

In 2003, Monica released "So Gone," one of her most successful solo singles. The song is about losing control—Drive pass your house every night in an unmarked car/ Wondering what she had on me to make you break my heart—but the beat stays cool, weaving together a string of classic-sounding soul samples. "So Gone" peaked at No. 10 on the Hot 100. It was co-written and co-produced by Missy Elliott.

The pair reunited recently for "Code Red," the title track to Monica's eighth album. The singer's daughter features prominently in the speedy tune, which takes aim at other unnamed artists: You're trying so hard to cross over/ And just end up gettin' looked over/ The label ain't reachin' they quotas. The hook doubles down on these sentiments: When that shit dropped I forgot.


Look for Code Red on December 18. Check out the full tracklist for the album below.
1. Code Red (feat. Missy Elliott & Laiyah)
2. Just Right For Me (feat. Lil Wayne)
3. Love Just Ain’t Enough (feat. Timbaland)
4. Call My Name
5. I Know
6. All Men Lie (feat. Timbaland)
7. Deep
8. Hustler’s Ambition (feat. Akon)
9. Alone In Your Heart
10. Suga
11. Ocean of Tears
12. Saints & Sinners
13. I Miss Music
14. Anchor

Monica Recruits Missy Elliott For “Code Red”