What Is Rihanna Up To?

A new website and Instagram suggest that ANTI is imminent.

November 23, 2015
What Is Rihanna Up To? Photo by Christopher Polk / Getty Images

Rihanna launched a new website called ANTIdiaRy last night, which has the internet speculating on whether more concrete news on her eight album ANTI is imminent.


Last we heard of the record, RiRi was unveiling its braille-inscribed artwork (pictured above) at a private party in L.A. Now, she's launched ANTIdiaRy, a website emblazoned with BadGalRiRi imagery and the message "She's waiting for you, are you in?" The website—bearing the Samsung logo—encourages you to "go to ANTIdiaRy on your mobile device." (Samsung are reportedly sponsoring the release of ANTI for $25 million.)

The mobile ANTIdiaRy is much more fleshed out: it's a virtual RIHality, with the user scrolling their way around rooms filled with ANTI-related imagery, like a child wearing a crown over their eyes (as seen on the album cover), looking for "clues." See a screenshot below via Fuse.tv.

If you snoop around long enough, you'll come across some RIHwards. One is a window that bears the message "Not just inside this world," and links out to a new Instagram account called @iamthekeyholder. The "keyholder" has been posting photos of RiRi graffiti in various locations around the U.S. for the past 24 hours. This could be hinting at a tour, or just a Drake-style IRL viral campaign—either way, it suggests more news is coming.


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Many outlets are now speculating that ANTI will drop as soon as this Friday November 27, but Rihanna is keeping mum. In between searching ANTIdiaRy for clues, The FADER has reached out to representatives of Rihanna for comment.

What Is Rihanna Up To?