Take A Look Inside Future’s Tour Rider

Including how much he allegedly makes for a 45-minute set.

November 29, 2015
Take A Look Inside Future’s Tour Rider Bennett Raglin / Getty Images

A peek inside an artist's tour rider is like getting a glimpse of their room: you can see their likes, dislikes, what they need to be comfortable. (Rae Sremmurd's leaked rider from June featured super soakers and $300 in single bills.) TMZ has acquired a copy of Future's tour rider from last December, and it's not as crazy as you'd think – the Atlanta rapper/official trapper requests food items like cheddar popcorn and "fresh white powdered donuts," and four bottles of Ace of Spades, Ciroc, and Moet – but one item of note is the price tag for a 45-minute set, a whopping $150,000. And that's from December 2014; with the landmark year that Future just had, that fee's gotta be looking even crazier in December 2015.

Take A Look Inside Future’s Tour Rider