Laugh And Dance To Lord RAJA’s “Stoked Tourist”

PARA is out December 24.

December 03, 2015

Chester Raj Anand aka Lord RAJA's sophomore album PARA—which drops digitally December 24 via Ghostly International and Adult Swim’s in-house label Williams Street Records—was born from a visit to Austin's famed audio store Switched On during which he recorded his tinkerings with their many synths (which is perhaps the musical equivalent of going to Costco for free brunch, no?). Today, Anand has unleashed the adventurous project's second single "Stoked Tourist," a delightfully off-kilter and totally buoyant track that was finished during a snow storm.

As Anand recalled in an email to The FADER: "Bryndon (aka Starchild) and I were snowed in at the studio early last January. We were messing around with some of the synths and new hardware. Everything unraveled pretty quickly. Bryndon drafted some scratch vocals that night which we later rerecorded with Patrick [Wimberly] at Chairlift's studio in Brooklyn. I think we were laughing and dancing the whole time."


Listen below, ideally while laughing and dancing the whole time, too. PARA is out digitally on December 24 and in-stores on January 22.

Laugh And Dance To Lord RAJA’s “Stoked Tourist”