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Did This Manga Character Inspire Rihanna’s ANTI Tour Look?

The resemblances between the two are very real.

December 04, 2015

There's a rule in journalism that says you're not supposed to ask yes or no questions in your headlines, but we're pretty posi about this one. As we suprisingly patiently await Rihanna's new album, ANTI, at least one Twitter user has found a striking resemblance between our favorite bad gyal and a character from a Yoshihiro Tagashi manga. On Rihanna's ANTI tour poster, Barbados' Queen is sharply dressed in a heavily padded blazer with braids swaying in every direction, reminiscent of the character, Canary, in the anime series Hunter x Hunter. With a quick glimpse everything from the similar suits, to the hairstyle, to their delicate ribbon ties point to Canary being the muse behind the tour promotional posters. If this manga was the inspiration, props to Riri for being able to pull off such a look, and for being up on such a badass manga reference. Tickets to Rihanna's ANTI tour with Travis Scott and The Weeknd went on sale yesterday, make sure you catch the trio live.

Did This Manga Character Inspire Rihanna’s ANTI Tour Look?