Rejjie Snow Finds Gold In The Gutter In His Weirdest Video Yet

“Blakkst Skn” features Kaytranada and Rae Morris.

December 07, 2015

Irish rapper Rejjie Snow recruited the fresh hip-hop sensibility of Canadian beatmaker Kaytranada and the sharp pop vocals of U.K. singer Rae Morris for his hard-hitting single "Blakkst Skn." The song was born from a powerful daydream, as Rejjie explained to The FADER over email: “I saw a lady who for some reason I noticed had a black face but her bottom half was white. As I began to ponder I asked her 'hey lady, why is yo skin so black?' She simply replied, 'the blacker the berry, the sweeter the juice.' So I wrote the song that evening.”


The video—directed by London filmmaker Ian Pons Jewell, whose credits include clips for Vince Staples and NAO—is a perfectly surreal and darkly humorous fit for a track with simmering tension beneath its bouncy old-school beat. "I feel it’s actually that video I've always wanted to make," says Rejjie. "It's just so weird but still remains can make up all your own judgments.” Watch it above, and make sure you don't take your eyes off the screen: it only gets weirder as the actors in the video take his vision to the next level.

Rejjie Snow Finds Gold In The Gutter In His Weirdest Video Yet