A. G. Cook Teams Up With Chris Lee On “Only You”

A new release from PC Music.

December 10, 2015

A. G. Cook produced the latest tune from Chris Lee (Li Yuchun), which combines a top 40-friendly bounce and a mix of Chinese and English verses. You keep haunting me with the things you do, Lee sings. I know that you think it's a game.

According to a press release, Lee is a star in China, where she has put out seven No. 1 albums. "When A. G. Cook and I came up with the idea for the record we approached it with an awareness of Chris as a popstar who is already reflecting upon an impressive ten year career," explained PC Music Creative Director Finn Mactaggart in a statement. "We quickly figured that we wanted to play with the idea of duality on a double-sided single. When we visited Chris in Beijing to work on the songs, she fell in love with our ideas, and wrote incredibly powerful lyrics."


"Only You" will come out along with "Real Love" on December 14.

A. G. Cook Teams Up With Chris Lee On “Only You”