At Home With: Jonathan Mannion

Take a look inside the legendary photographer and director’s world.

December 10, 2015

Jonathan Mannion knows how to get the best out of his subjects. The photographer, who made hip-hop history by shooting Jay Z for the cover of Reasonable Doubt in 1996, has worked with everyone from Tyra Banks to Kendrick Lamar. In the process he's created one of the best bodies of work in modern culture photography. The key to unlocking the potential in your subject, he explains in this episode of The FADER and Sonos' At Home With series, is talking. "The truest sense of collaboration is really about dialogue," he says. "It's about communication, it's about really being present. It's about challenging the other person to rise to another level, and therefore him or her challenging you to rise—that's when it becomes rich." You can see that happening in real time while he's working with Allan Kingdom in the video above.


Watch the episode for more crucial insight, and an inside look at the musical life of Mannion's Manhattan home, then check out more episodes of At Home With.

At Home With: Jonathan Mannion