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At Home With: Danyel Smith & Elliott Wilson

Take a peek inside the world of the legendary journalist couple.

December 17, 2015

A couple decades ago, Danyel Smith was the music editor at Vibe and Elliott Wilson was a freelance writer churning out articles for the storied entertainment rag. Now, 20 years later, the successful journalist couple and self-described "partners in mischief" are happily married. For the latest episode of SONOS' At Home With series, you can step inside their South Brooklyn home, a beautiful space full of love and natural light and cozy spots to post up and get some writing done. "Our whole marriage is being within hollering distance of each other," Smith laughs. It's clear they have a ton in common, but it's the little differences—in personality, in taste—that make the whole machine work. Watch the full episode for more insight into their life together, then check out more episodes of At Home With.

At Home With: Danyel Smith & Elliott Wilson