DJ Khaled’s Sea Adventure Is A Parable For Success

“The key is to make it!”

December 14, 2015

DJ Khaled's Snapchat story is affixed with an emoji of a key, which may well be a coincidence or have something to do with his frequent use of the character, but tonight the symbol proved to be the most accurate description of his account. DJ Khaled found himself lost at sea this evening after what looked like an exquisite lunch at Rick Ross' house. In a series of palpably fearful snaps, Khaled tries to navigate his way home in almost complete darkness. Still, despite what looked like a terrifying situation, the producer/motivational speaker persevered by using his oft-quoted keys to success out in the field. At one of the story's most frightening moments, you can hear Khaled chanting "The key is to make it!" and frankly, it's inspiring. Khaled is safe at home now and you can follow his Snapchat at djkhaled305 to watch the entire ordeal.

Check out some of Twitter's best responses to the real-time crisis below.

DJ Khaled’s Sea Adventure Is A Parable For Success