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Sevdaliza Premieres Hypnotic “One Armed Lullaby”

A lullaby for the future.

December 14, 2015

2016 may be a few weeks away, but Red Bull has already thrown their hat into the ring, releasing 20 new tracks from a stable of artists who they're betting on in the coming year. In the mix is the Iran-born, Netherlands-based, otherworldly singer Sevdaliza, who most recently dazzled us with her Children of Silk EP. Her contribution, "One Armed Lullaby," is a slow tiptoe through a night of mechanic churning and gentler dreamscapes, as guided by Sevda's visceral vocals. It's less a lullaby than a perfect rendering of a night spent tossing and turning. Here's to more like this in the new year.

Sevdaliza Premieres Hypnotic “One Armed Lullaby”