9 Times Artists Perfected The Art Of The Clapback In 2015

Celebrities took their stories into their own hands this year, and sent news outlets spinning.

December 15, 2015

Ever since celebrities have had access to social media, traditional media outlets have been playing catch-up. The clapback—fka the comeback, or the fine art of one-upping someone—now rules the narrative of celebrity journalism. Everyone knows that the fastest way for a star to kill a story they don’t want to see is to steal the spotlight: either by outright denying, providing their own perspective, or simply creating a totally new story. In 2015, they could do that in seconds—and with #nofilter—thanks to the power of self-publishing. Sometimes it was empowering to see: female stars could let their followers in on the secrets of the media’s distorted imagery, and put the men who objectify them in their place. Other times, it was more about brand management and putting rumors to rest (or, in some cases, thrillingly fanning the flames).

Either way, the social media clapback is a phenomenon that’s still so new and so delicious—that shock feeling of getting a peek behind the celebrity curtain hasn’t lost its novelty yet—that it keeps on going viral. Here are nine times celebrities flexed the power of the clapback online this year and sent headlines spinning in their wake.

1. When Nicki Minaj criticized media coverage of her pre-VMAs disagreement with Taylor Swift.
2. And shut down pregnancy rumors with an excellent use of “vajayjay.”
3. When Future set the record straight on his rumored relationship with Blac Chyna.
4. But then decided to have some more fun with the speculation weeks later.

A video posted by Future Hendrix (@future) on

6. When Jessica Williams responded to being advised to “lean in.”

Billfold editor Ester Bloom speculated that Daily Show correspondent Jessica Williams could have replaced Jon Stewart as host if it weren’t for her own “humility” holding her back. Williams was not impressed.

7. When Gigi Hadid served up a retort to a blog that accused her of snorting cocaine.
8. Then Evian Christ exposed his treatment by security at Leeds Festival.

After Evian Christ tweeted a video of what appeared to be him locked in a “cage” backstage at the festival (where he had performed), Leeds Festival organizer Melvin Benn told The Guardian that the British producer had been detained because he was found in a “not very good state.” This resulted in one of the best clapbacks of 2015: in a Facebook statement, Evian (real name Josh Leary) quickly responded with his version of events, rounded off with the immortal line, “Those in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones at a DJ they locked in a cage.”

9. And, finally, when Kim Kardashian launched her own platform so she could perma-clapback, forever amen.

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9 Times Artists Perfected The Art Of The Clapback In 2015