What The FADER Staffers Actually Want For The Holidays

From creepy body pillows to life-changing books to leisurewear. Lots of leisurewear.

December 16, 2015

We went around and asked our staff around the office what they really want for the holidays. Not the vague, aspirational things we all say we want—"a trip to Antarctica!"—but the weird, funny, gross presents we'd actually be thrilled to receive. Get a free trip inside our staff psyche, below.


"I want this pervy looking body pillow, cuz sometimes baby gets lonely." — Emily Keegin, photo director

2. A ticket to Aventura's reunion show

Unica y exclusiva oportunidad.Aventura.Febrero2016.New York.

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"I told my boyfriend I would break up with him if he didn't get me tickets to Aventura's reunion show." — Zara Golden, staff writer


"This is actually what I want, but I have, like, nothing good to say about it." — Myles Tanzer, news editor

"Back in September, a dear friend gave me Octavia E. Butler's Parable of the Sower as a belated birthday gift. It's the embodiment of what a lot of artists from Holly Herndon to Jam City were preaching this year: a vivid dream of a new future. Written in the '90s and presented as a series of diary entries from the perspective of a young, black American woman, it balances brutal realism with a stubborn idealistic streak; the kind of story that has never mattered more. Of course, I devoured it on just a handful on train journeys, and so now need someone else to please get me the sequel, Parable of the Talents. Happy holidays!" — Ruth Saxelby, managing editor


"This winter has been confusing as all hell but I truly believe that if I owned these Jacquemus cut-out corduroys I could wear them every day for the rest of my life, whatever the weather." — Liz Raiss, staff writer

"Two of Planet Earth's most interesting electronic crews—NAAFI from Mexico and NON from Africa—just dropped an unreally good battle mix. I can't pick a side. I won't pick a side. Get me this jersey so I don't have to??" — Patrick D. McDermott, associate editor

"I want this coffee table, because the future is now." — Emily Keegin, photo director

8. A copy of Jim Shaw's The End is Here

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"A coffee table book from Jim Shaw's incredible New Museum exhibit would be the dopest souvenir from a truly crazy 2015." — Leah Mandel, editorial assistant

"Form and function for a workin' girl in a poppin’-ass world." — Nazuk Kochar, associate social media editor

"I want this cast iron dutch oven in emerald green because I want to live more like the barefoot contessa in 2016." — Myles Tanzer, news editor

"I spend all day looking at words. During the holidays, it'd be nice to look at pictures—like those in Michael Cunningham's new book of illustrated short stories." — Owen Myers, UK editor

"These are sold out literally everywhere, but they're all I want on my feet in 2016." — Aimee Cliff, associate editor

"Real love is someone who cops you the two-piece tech fleece Nike suit." — Naomi Zeichner, editor-in-chief

"A nice bomber should be a staple in everyone’s wardrobe and Alpha Industries makes classic and warm bombers that last a very long time." — Madison LaClair, video production coordinator

"I'm always in an NYC #mood and nothing says it better than on the butt of these sweats that were made to pair with crocs for a trip to the bodega." — Leah Mandel, editorial assistant

"I live a large portion of my life online; I believe in the potential of the networks to connect and empower people. But maybe I need a healthy dose of skepticism to keep my feet on the ground." — Aimee Cliff, associate editor

"I want this sleeping bag." —Scott Perry, video producer

"Yes, I know I'm ten years too late, yes, I know they're not cool, yes, I'm a brat but I don't care; I want a Prada backpack." — Liz Raiss, staff writer

19. Nothing

"I don't want anything." — Rawiya Kameir, senior writer

What The FADER Staffers Actually Want For The Holidays