Phony Ppl’s “Why iii Love The Moon” Video Reveals The True Colors of Brooklyn

Watch the genre-defying Brooklyn crew conquer their city at night.

December 21, 2015
Video by Dawn of Man

Earlier this year, Brooklyn's Phony Ppl debuted their fourth project, Yesterday's Tomorrow, proving they are the masters of blending genres until the lines between them are unrecognizable. We premiered the first single, lovely lunar ode "Why iii Love The Moon," which easily became a favorite summer jam due to its blissful jazz chords and carefree funk backbone.


Today, Phony Ppl finally unveils the video for "Why iii Love The Moon," directed by a Brooklyn collective specializing in projection art called Dawn of Man. The clip features Phony Ppl as they roll through Brooklyn on their bikes (and one unicycle) while images of plants and the members' faces spring up, signifying that Brooklyn is thriving and that each one of them has a piece of themselves in the city. The video ends with Phony Ppl and friends having a dance party and jamming out in front of a colorful galactic backdrop.

"In our video, we wanted to open up and share our world in Brooklyn, a side of Brooklyn that's hidden beneath what meets the eye," Phony Ppl said to The FADER via email. "Our video combines projection art that illuminates our path as we ride our bikes through familiar landmarks, revealing the true color beneath the surface."

Phony Ppl’s “Why iii Love The Moon” Video Reveals The True Colors of Brooklyn