Jeezy Talks Black Lives Matter And Hillary Clinton On CNN

“We’ve got to continue to raise awareness.”

December 24, 2015

CNN spoke with Jeezy this week about the Black Lives Matter movement, the recent spate of police killings, and the 2016 presidential race. "I definitely support the black lives matter movement," the MC told his interviewer. "It's going to continue to grow as it should. Now we've got to continue to raise awareness... I think the music that we’re making these days is actually helping spread that word. The black lives matter movement, these different movements—now you’ve got hip-hop and all these different leaders getting involved because it’s getting out of control."


The conversation soon turned towards the current crop of presidential candidates. "I would support someone based on what I know about them or the things I saw them do," Jeezy declared. "Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders are class acts in my book. You’ve got someone like Donald Trump—whether he wins or loses, he’s doing this for business, he’s doing this for his brand, and we all know that. You’re sitting back and watching someone who should have been out of the race a long time ago by all his actions, and everything he does just puts him up in the race—it’s America, people love entertainment. This is no different than his reality show. To him, it’s all fun. When I look at Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton, I see people that actually care about the people."

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Jeezy Talks Black Lives Matter And Hillary Clinton On CNN