Fetty Wap Is Ready To “Make You Smile”

With help from Bleek Blaze.

January 12, 2016

You know the ingredients of a Fetty Wap hit: a thin, sinuous beat, some forward momentum, and plenty of space in the arrangement for Fetty to unfurl his signature vocals, which are usually expressing affection or promising plenty of it in the near future.


He finds that sweet spot yet again on "Make You Smile," his latest track, which is produced by Yung Lan. Bleek Blaze chips in with a smooth, tightly wound verse, a precise foil to Fetty's smeared croons: Hey girl, you know I pull up on you anytime/ Trying to stretch you out like we 'bout to cross the finish line/ ... Hustle all day, go back at home when it's dinner time. Listen above.

Fetty Wap Is Ready To “Make You Smile”