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Jazz Cartier Invites You To The “Opera”

The Toronto rapper gets ghoulish.

Photographer Reynard Li
January 13, 2016
Jazz Cartier Invites You To The “Opera”

In his new track “Opera,” Jazz Cartier recedes to the rafters and strikes a ghostly and celebratory pose. He seems to be adjusting to his position of one of Toronto's hottest hip-hop exports quite well: “I'm the new face of the country / Niggas had my names in they mouth so long, so long, I'm immune to assumptions.” Production-wise, it's a cousin of “Blood On The Leaves,” but there's not a hint of desperation in Cartier's voice, just hunger. The Soundcloud description for “Opera” says an album from Jazz is coming this year, so listen to the track below while we wait.

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Jazz Cartier Invites You To The “Opera”