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Gabi Shares “Trap Queen” Cover, Featuring A Harp

It’s crazy.

January 14, 2016

Here's the ultimate cynicism test: if the phrase “Orchestral 'Trap Queen' cover with a harp and psychedelic inclinations” doesn't make your eyes roll into a new orbital dimension, congratulations. This world needs more bright eyed, bushy tailed folks like you. That was my reaction when GABI's version of Fetty Wap's banger landed in my inbox. But for the rest of you, take note: this track is created by an artist who treats music as an adventure, and love it or hate it, you'll find that here. Po-faced hilarity or a rich and textured reimagining? Listen below, you may not feel like deciding right away.

Gabi Shares “Trap Queen” Cover, Featuring A Harp