GABI’s newest single “Whole With You” is devastatingly beautiful

From her forthcoming sophomore album, Empty Me.

August 02, 2018

As GABI, Gabrielle Herbst makes ethereal-sounding songs that feel one step away from belonging on an opera stage. Her debut album, Sympathy, placed her vocals — as well as her breath work — forward as an instrument, as her songs took on a thin, gossamer quality that seemed to stretch infinitely upwards into the stratosphere.


Today, GABI debuts "Whole With You," the first single to her forthcoming sophomore album Empty Me, which is set to drop in October. Accompanied with a Kenna Hynes directed and René Kladzyk-styled video that looks like a Renoir painting come to life, the song is stunning in its execution and devastating in its composition—as if GABI's trying to send a message to God or some other spiritual being. Her voice soars in the hook, explaining, "I wanted to be whole with you."

"I wrote 'Whole With You' out of lots of fragments that I slowly pieced together into a song, which I think is aligned with its meaning — this idea of trying to find yourself through missing pieces you’ve left along the way, trying to become whole," GABI wrote of the song via email. "This song, in a lot of ways, is about accepting your own inadequacies, insecurities and messiness; it’s about becoming a whole person for yourself and others, and accepting yourself as you are." Watch above.

GABI’s newest single “Whole With You” is devastatingly beautiful Brian Vu
Empty Me drops 10/5 via Double Double Whammy.
GABI’s newest single “Whole With You” is devastatingly beautiful