BRTSH KNIGHTS’ “Cut & Run” Is An Icy Anti-Love Song

The British duo return with a slice of brooding electronic pop.

January 18, 2016

Elusive south London duo (one-time trio) BRTSH KNIGHTS are feeling cold this January, if their new single "Cut & Run" is anything to go by. Over sparse synth bubbles and pulses of bass that go back and forth like an arguing couple, they intone: Don't know how I stand beside her, when she can't stay out my business...Her mother warned me about her daughter. Ouch.

"Cut & Run" is the first single to be taken from a new BRTSH Knights EP, out soon on 10" vinyl via their own brand new label: Cotch International. "It's a song about knowing when to move on from a situation and make new starts," the duo explained over email to The FADER, adding ominously: "something we know a thing or two about." Stream it and get your motivation to drop your deadweight relationship below. For more BRTSH KNIGHTS, you can also check their latest Radar Radio show.

BRTSH KNIGHTS’ “Cut & Run” Is An Icy Anti-Love Song