Watch Whitney’s “No Woman” Video

“I’m just walking in a daze, I’m not ready to turn.”

January 18, 2016

"We wanted to make a record that seemed like it was by an old-ass dude living alone," Whitney's Max Kakacek told FADER last year. "Whitney’s not living well," Julien Ehrlich added. "He's very sad and distraught, but he has good times, too."


The band expanded their lonely catalog today with "No Woman." It's a wistful, strum-heavy track, with lyrics full of passive drift: I've been going through a change, I might never be sure/ I'm just walking in a daze, I'm not ready to turn. The clip finds the group wandering through the forest in fall, playing the tune on the porch, and casually practicing tomahawk throwing. Watch above, and read the band's GEN F profile.

Watch Whitney’s “No Woman” Video