Wet Take JONES’ “Hoops” For A Slow Spin

This downbeat remix takes the listener to the heart of the song without losing any of the originals beauty.

January 25, 2016

Wet's new take on JONES single "Hoops" draws out the song into a slower monochromatic bend of the original. Stripped of some of the drums that characterized the chorus, the Brooklyn trio's remix builds gradually, and JONES' heavy-hearted lyrics—"Stone cold landing, I'm still where you left me. Crumbled stories, circles never-ending—can be heard loud and clear.

“The Wet remix really draws out the loneliness of the lyrics, creating something which is beautifully sparse and aches of despair," JONES told The FADER through email. This remix reminds us that, sadly, no matter how danceable the original may have been, "Hoops" and "Hoops (Wet Remix)" are rather melancholy love songs—and the perfect listen as we finally head into the dark depths of winter.

Wet Take JONES’ “Hoops” For A Slow Spin