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Dean Blunt’s Babyfather Shares “Breeze Freestyle”

An experimental track with few elements but a lot of ideas.

January 27, 2016

Under his Babyfather moniker, Dean Blunt has dropped surprise full-length projects and one off releases with Arca. Today we get another compellingly beguiling release, “breeze freestyle.” The production is a single sustained string note and scattered drums, and with the lyrics the effect is more numbing than mischievous or ironical. “Feds wanna ask like 'nigger what you doin' / I breeze straight past when they see I've got you in” Supposing the passenger is white or in some way otherwise humanizes the black body, “breeze” becomes a meditation, the repeated word “Bless” a mantra for living in a constant state of anxiety.

Dean Blunt’s Babyfather Shares “Breeze Freestyle”