Future Shares “In Abundance,” Teases...Something

Update: “New leak got the net in a frenzy,” Future says.

February 03, 2016

Without so much as a whisper of warning, a new Future song titled "In Abundance" surfaced on the prolific rapper's YouTube page. It's a melancholy track, featuring a somber Metro Boomin beat and finding Future rapping, I get another chance to turn to a perfect man, I'd do this shit again if I could be where I'm at today. It is unclear if this is a Purple Reign outtake or a new track.


Speaking of abundance: Future—who released a mixtape two weeks ago and will allegedly be dropping an album on DJ Khaled's inaugural Beats1 show this Friday—was back on Twitter this afternoon teasing, well, something. "Sh!t bout to get real in a few hrs." he wrote. T-minus six hours till midnight!

Update 2/3/16 at 6:15 P.M.:

It looks like "In Abundance" not supposed to be released just yet:

Future Shares “In Abundance,” Teases...Something