40 Says Drake’s Views From The 6

The album is dropping in April, but it seems like it’s almost finished.

February 04, 2016

Drake announced last week that his upcoming album, View From The 6, will be dropping in April. While that's a few months away, his most trusted ally Noah "40" Shebib said in a new interview that the project is pretty much close to being finished.


"We're getting very very close," 40 says in the clip. "For us it's just a balance of finding that space to make such a project that's based around our city and then coming out here to the West Coast to escape some of the harsh winter and find a good creative space…so it'll be a balance of like both those locations."

Noah and the web show's host B-Real talk about a lot of Toronto stuff and smoke comically large blunts. Watch the video above and read our #FADER100 interview with 40.

40 Says Drake’s Views From The 6