Future’s EVOL Cover Art Is Not A Stock Photo

Polish photographer Szymon Świętochowski is responsible for the album cover.

February 05, 2016

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Last summer, The FADER reported that the cover art for Future's DS2 was from a stock image created by a Slovenian artist who had never heard of Future. The art was later used to help craft a wedding theme and Future and Drake's What A Time To Be Alive also used a stock image for its artwork. Things have come a long way since then.


For Future's EVOL, which is dropping tonight on DJ Khaled's new Beats1 radio show, he went to Polish photographer Szymon Świętochowski for an original piece. According to a press release from a rep for Future, the piece is called “The Ash” and was licensed through Ars Thanea.

In a statement, Ars Thanea said, “The entire Ars Thanea creative team and our friend photographer Szymon Świętochowski couldn’t be more thrilled to take part in the newest release of Future’s album EVOL. Before the release we worked closely with Sony/Epic Records team on licensing of the “The Ash” image that now is officially revealed as a cover art. We believe that our visual is a perfect fit for the entire production and we wish nothing but the best for Future and his upcoming release. Keep rocking and we look forward to working with Future on further creative projects! PS. This is not a stock image… ;-)"

Future’s EVOL Cover Art Is Not A Stock Photo