Meek Mill Avoids Jail Time, Given 90 Day House Arrest Sentence

The rapper was sentenced in Philadelphia court today after being found guilty of violating his probation.

Photographer Daniel Shea
February 05, 2016

Meek Mill was sentenced to house arrest for 90 days in court today. A Philadelphia judge in December found him guilty of violating his parole after traveling without pre-approval. His sentence will start on March 1, followed by a community service period working with the homeless, building homes, or working with veterans. He will not be allowed to work during the period of his house arrest.


Judge Genece Brinkley told Meek in front of the court today, "Ordinarily when I tell a person 'if you come back you're going to get a state sentence,' they get a state sentence. But [Meek] has a lot of support and I'm taking that into consideration as well."

Meek made a statement thanking the judge and his PO. "I want to admit that I'm not perfect," he said. "I've never been perfect. When talking to children, I never tell them that I am changed, that I'm a successful man. I tell them that I am a changing man working towards success."

Nicki Minaj, who testified on Meek's behalf in December, came with Meek to court today. Minaj did not speak but was asked by the judge whether or not she would still be willing to support him. She said yes and she and Meek were then taken to a private room by the judge.

Meek has not been allowed to perform or leave southeastern Pennsylvania since December but has released a steady clip of music including his two part 4-4 EP.

Layla Jones contributed reporting to this piece for The FADER.

Posted: February 05, 2016