What Did Britney Spears Know About Gravitational Waves Before Any Scientists Did?

Today, scientists announced proof of gravitational waves, proving an old Einstein theory. Did Britney already have insider information?

February 11, 2016
Over the past few months, Britney Spears has revamped her Instagram:

The account was originally for tour photos and pictures of her two sons, but a few months ago, things changed. She posts a lot of inspirational mom memes, pictures of corn, and intense web art, like the image above.

One of her curious obsessions is Albert Einstein, which has been frequently documented.

In December, she posted two consecutive Instagrams related to Einstein. The first was a Beautiful Mind-like sketch:

As she says in her caption, "Learn something new everyday!"

Then right after, she shared a picture of Einstein with the caption, "Just an old buddy... we go way back 😉":


That seems like normal Britney social media goofiness, but things took an interesting turn this week when Britney shared an another image of the famous thinker:

As the caption reads, "So inspired by this guy. I just love looking at him. He will be the first person I speak to in heaven! #AlbertEinstein."

What did Britney know and how?

The language in her post—"he will be the first person I speak to in heaven!"—implies that it's a known fact and not a desire. Are we to believe that Britney Spears just randomly felt "inspired" by Einstein's work and decided to post about it? Does she actually go "way back" with him and knew him in a previously life of which she is fully conscious of?

Bonus: one of the antennas measuring the waves was in Louisiana, Britney Spears' home state.

The universe is just way too small.