Julia Holter Shares “Everytime Boots” Video

With help from Nite Jewel.

February 11, 2016

Cowboys have to fall in love, get hurt an' all that bit, Waylon Jennings sang in 1975. Let their hearts hang out so they can write you all a hit/ So ladies, if they ask, you don't refuse/ Let's all help the cowboys sing the blues.


A fleeting cowboy/cowgirl romance unfolds In Julia Holter's new video for "Everytime Boots," which originally appeared last year on her Have You in My Wilderness album. The two lovers meet in a 99 cent store, and the clip ends with a shot of the cowboy alone on his bed, looking forlorn—surely Waylon would approve. Nite Jewel directed the clip; watch above.

Julia Holter Shares “Everytime Boots” Video