Nite Jewel and Droop-E Are Back With “Let It Go”

AMTHST strikes again.

February 11, 2016

The latest AMTHST track came together with help from a special beverage. "We recorded 'Let It Go' during a late night session fueled by Earl Stevens Selections wine," the duo tells The FADER in an email. "The song embodies that feeling of letting go and having a good time."

The resulting tune is a gauzy and unhurried. Nite Jewel is at home in the mid-tempo, '80s-indebted beat, while Droop-E raps with easy composure: 0 fucks given/ I'm not a hero, even though I'm on a mission. Later he adds, poppin' it like a pistol, it's simple/ Cookies: no Nabisco. The track is produced by BatManOnTheBeatz and co-produced by Nite Jewel and Droop-E.


The pair also shared a photo revealing their lyrics from the session. Nite Jewel's are on the left, Droop-E's on the right. Listen below, and look for the duo's forthcoming Euphoria EP.

Nite Jewel and Droop-E Are Back With “Let It Go”