21 Photos That Prove VFiles Is The Most Lit Show At NYFW

A lot of work goes into this blessed mess.

Photographer gunner stahl
February 12, 2016

During the half-hour period before VFiles began its seasonal runway show, I ran into a writer friend wandering around beneath the ultraviolet light. He explained that it was his first time at a fashion show, and that someone had cautioned him that VFiles "wasn't exactly like the rest of fashion week." That's an understatement.

Every year, among the tightly coordinated, 10-minute-long runway presentations that have fashion people zigzagging across the city, VFiles stages a grand performance, a glamorous storm that spotlights up-and-coming designers and rappers. This year, before a front row that included Tony Hawk and Sita Abellan, VFiles' runway featured new collections from Ottolinger, Kim Shui Studio, Hardeman, and Anton Belinskiy—four designers who represent a truly wide spectrum of the young avant-garde, from the most casual denim looks to fully tailored skirt suits with fur trim. Their stunning presentations elicited murmurs of approval and delighted laughter before it all turned, somehow, into a miniature Tyga concert.


We sent Gunner Stahl backstage to document how this blessed mess eventually comes together.

Last minute adjustments backstage  
Hair & sewing backstage before the show  
The XO Orchestra (left), and Kim Shui (right)  
Kim Shui