Zane Lowe Debuts Terrace Martin’s “Valdez Off Crenshaw”

Martin follows his Grammys appearance with a new tune.

February 16, 2016

“I went through some days where I wanted to try to be as close as I could to Charlie Parker,” Terrace Martin recently told The FADER. “That's impossible. Some days I would try to be as close to Dr. Dre—and that's impossible. So I just decided, I’m just going to do me… I'll talk about ‘jazz’ and ‘hip-hop’ so readers understand. But me personally, I don’t believe in titles—it’s good music or bad music.”


Zane Lowe unveiled a new track from Martin today on Beats 1 radio. “Valdez Off Crenshaw” is an atmospheric, funky tune featuring wah-wah guitar, hand percussion, and plenty of Martin’s trademark saxophone. The song will appear on the producer/multi-instrumentalist’s Velvet Portraits album. Listen below.

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Zane Lowe Debuts Terrace Martin’s “Valdez Off Crenshaw”