Katy B And Craig David Duet In The “Who Am I” Video

The pair struggle in the aftermath of a breakup.

February 23, 2016

Major Lazer helped make the beat for "Who Am I." "We never got it sounding right for us," Diplo recently told The FADER. "It went through many different sounds and different vibes, I might have 20 versions on my computer from reggae to dancehall to a slowed-down electronic beat. We even did a sort of Pat Benatar style 180 BPM version that I loved!" The end result is not far from the instrumental that underpinned the Major Lazer's breakout hit, "Lean On."


In the video for the track, out today, Katy B and Craig David trade heartbroken lyrics. "I still don't really see it as me singing to Craig," Katy explained. "We're the same person singing the same song." The clip was shot in Miami.

Look for Honey on April 29.

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Katy B And Craig David Duet In The “Who Am I” Video