9 Songs You Need In Your Life This Week

Tracks we love right now. In no particular order.

March 01, 2016

1. In some ways, Zayn Malik's "It's You" is sleepy by-the-numbers R&B, but that doesn't mean it's not completely irresistible. Especially when that falsetto hits.

2. Lil Yachty has an impressive stockpile of out-there shit stored up on his Soundcloud. This week we got heavy into "All Times," a brisk and loopy missive with a genius Rugrats-sampling beat via Burberry Perry, one of Yachty's prodigious co-conspirators.


3. We can't wait for the new Mitski full-length, but the gorgeously produced "Your Best American Girl" is a pretty decent consolation prize to hold us over while we try. Between moments of room-filling guitar catharsis, she sings too-real lyrics about the politics of cuddling, among other things.

4. It's gonna be a big year for Adia Victoria, the bluesy-voiced singer with an affinity for spooky Southern folk. Listen to the dizzying psych-rock of "Dead Eyes," her debut album's first single, and try to tell us otherwise.

5. It's no surprise that "Island," the newest track from introspective rock band Fear of Men, is a total beauty. When Jessica Weiss sings about feeling shook up—You tell me impossible things that break me, that break me—you'll start to feel a little bit broken, too.

6. Because there maybe is a God, Danny Brown's long-buried verse from A$AP Mob's “Hella Hoes (Remix)” hit the net this week. It goes off, which makes us wonder what took them so long to set it free.

7. Pretty sure FKA Twigs' "Good To Love" now has two videos, and neither of them quite match the zeitgeist-shifting intensity of her earliest visuals. But the unflashy track is maybe one of her most affecting offerings since the "Water Me" days.

8. There's a handful of official remixes of Miguel's "Waves," but our favorite is Kacey Musgraves' take with its side-winding guitar echoes and the Texas-bred singer's sweet, singular twang.

9. Soulection-affiliated producer Sángo is known best for his Brazilian-influenced production and multilingual samples. On the "Life Without God Is Nothing", a snippet of Spanish dialogue unfurls into a soulful production of pitter-patter beats and pitched-up croons.

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9 Songs You Need In Your Life This Week