A-Trak Connects With Ookay On “Only One”

The first taste of a new compilation from Fool’s Gold.

March 08, 2016

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A-Trak's latest release is a fine example of the steroidal, squiggly mixture of hip-hop and electronic music that he helped to popularize. The track is slated to appear on a forthcoming compilation titled Night Shift that will showcase breadth of the Fool's Gold label with a selection of original songs and remixes. Contributors include Bosco, Rome Fortune, Brenmar, and ManMan Savage. Listen to "Only One" below, and look for Night Shift on April 1.

01. A-Trak & Ookay - "Only One"
02. Alvin Risk - "Beastmode" [ft. Hodgy Beats] [UZ Remix]
03. Nick Hook - "I Jus' Want" [ft. 21 Savage & Bulletproof Dolphin]
04. Tommy Trash - "Me & U" [ft. Anna Lunoe] [Big Dope P & TT The Artist Remix]
05. ManMan Savage - "Takin Shots" [GLD Remix]
06. Athletixx - "PNTHR"
07. Gladiator - "Fairfax" [Gladiator Remix]
08. BOSCO & Speakerfoxxx - "Acting Up"
09. Rome Fortune - "Dance" [Felon Remix]
10. Nick Catchdubs - "Typo"
11. KRNE - "I'll Be Good"
12. Brenmar - "Raid"
13. Madeaux - "What U Need" [ft. River Accorsi & Cassandra Kay] [LH4L Remix]
14. Shash'U - "APEX"
15. Sluggers - "Nostromo"
16. GEOTHEORY - "Hyper"
17. Sammy Bananas - "BLO"
18. Jesse & The Wolf - "Glow In the Dark"

A-Trak Connects With Ookay On “Only One”