Watch The Feel-Good Video For Filipino Artist Eyedress’ Song “Sofia Coppola”

Remember that legendary night with all your best friends? The one when you didn’t even go anywhere. This video is that night.

March 09, 2016

Everyone knows that the most epic nights never happen at the club. They happen at your best friend's apartment on a random Friday night, when you're surrounded by your faves. Maybe you're a little drunk or a little high, but you're just completely comfortable and acting a fool. Next time, you should have Manila artist Eyedress' song "Sofia Coppola" playing in the background. The first new song following last year's Shapeshifter album (buy it here), it's relaxed but danceable with watery guitar riffs that go perfect with a two-step. Felling good, I'm going out tonight/ With my girl, yea she down to ride, Eyedress sings. I'm with my homies, yea they down for life/ Smoke weed get high all night.


The video for it is the perfect representation of that night: "The song is about my 25th birthday last year when me and my girlfriend went to my best friend's house to celebrate and get shit-faced," Eyedress told The FADER over email. "This was early in our relationship and I remember I was bringing her to parties and introducing her to all my friends. Then we shot the video just last February on her birthday and all my friends showed up. That's pretty much the video, just us and our friends hanging out at her birthday."

Watch The Feel-Good Video For Filipino Artist Eyedress’ Song “Sofia Coppola”