This DJ NJ Drone Club Track Is Like Drilling Through Metal (And It’s Great)

“Syn Stair (Blind)” is the title track from the New York producer’s forthcoming EP.

March 16, 2016

There must be something cybernetic in the air. Last week we premiered the new single from Lit Internet's WWWINGS project, and now here's the new one from New York producer DJ NJ Drone; both featured in FADER contributor Adam Harper's July 2015 column about club music with "brushed-steel syncopations, cold crystal timbres, and angry angularity." There's definitely a metallic bite to "Syn Stair (Blind)," the title track from DJ NJ Drone's forthcoming EP. It's all drill-like beats and relentless tension.

"'Syn Stair (Blind)' is like trying to walk up an escalator that's going down, or a circular stair set," DJ NJ Drone told The FADER. "Gravity will always have its say and when it is finished, it will proceed on to the next topic. Mechanical cartoon faces laugh and sing in the dark. Not poetry. A real Espresso Club Banger, if there was one."


Purple Tape Pedigree will release DJ NJ Drone's Syn Stair EP on March 25 (pre-order here).