Digital Farm Animals Recruits R. Kelly For “Wanna Know”

The English producer got lucky.

March 18, 2016

London producer Digital Farm Animals (DFA, for short) was hit by a lucky twist of fate in his search for a vocalist to top off his new track, "Wanna Know," a yearning dance track with a squiggly bottom line.


"The original was driven mainly by the bassline, and as there's so much space, it meant that the vocals really had to do something interesting," DFA recalled in an email to The FADER. "I had this idea to get an R&B influenced verse down, and by some crazy stroke of luck it was played to R. Kelly's team and he just happened to really dig it."

And so, the R&B icon joined the mix. Oooh he croons, before taking a deep dive into his near Drake-level insecurity. Who have you been giving your love to? he sings, I've been doing me so much, I guess you thought you should do you.

"His part really takes the track to another level for me," DFA said. For us too.

Digital Farm Animals Recruits R. Kelly For “Wanna Know”