Jim-E Stack Debuts “You Are Not Alone”

The producer reconnects with an old synth setting.

March 18, 2016

It’s been a productive six weeks for the producer Jim-E Stack: he’s shared two new tracks, “Deadstream” and a cover of Björk’s “Hyperballad,” and played a series of live dates in support of XXYYXX. His latest release, “You Are Not Alone,” is conscious of both hip-hop and dance music—full of crunchy drums, fluttering hi-hats, and a repetitive, narcotic vocal sample.

“I made ‘You Are Not Alone’ in March of 2015 after I finished ‘Deadstream,’” Stack explained to The FADER in an email. “I kind of rediscovered the EFM1 synth in Logic, which was the first synth I ever made my own sounds with. Messing around with the EFM1 and a vocal sample, I came up with a combination that felt true to myself and let it evolve naturally.”


Listen below.

Jim-E Stack Debuts “You Are Not Alone”